On one occasion, Principal Gardner was having a few drinks alone at the local bar when he was approached by a policeman in civvies. They got around to talking about Charlie and the trouble he had been in previously. Principal Gardner didn’t like what he heard. So he ran home and asked her daughter if she knew of all the shenanigans Charlie was involved in. It ended quite awkwardly when the principal assumed that something had already happened between Charlie and Susan.

In the next scene, Charlie was awakened by his mother who asked him to get dressed. He didn’t know why he had to get up and get dressed. He was still suspended. His mother then said they were going to visit his father in prison. Charlie didn’t like such visits. In fact, on this occasion, he decided to wait in the car while his mother went to see his father inside the prison.

The next day, when he was back in school, he was immediately summoned to the principal’s office. Asked if he learned anything during his suspension, Charlie replied that he was enlightened and completely rehabilitated. They got around to talking about Susan and how he is also the father of Susan, not just the principal in school. Charlie got the idea that the principal knew that he was seeing his daughter. He was giving him the talk, trying to intimidate him, although he didn’t saying anything to directly intimidate him.

Everything is back to normal. In the boy’s rest room, Charlie was waiting for his next patient. It turns out to be Susan. Although Murphey was always present during such consultations, Susan wanted to make an exception as she wanted to talk Charlie alone. Hesitant as he was, Murphey went out and left the two alone in the office.

Susan wanted to know why her father wanted to talk with Charlie. Of course, Charlie lied and simply said that the principal was merely welcoming him back. He lied when Susan asked if it had anything to do with her. The conversation then turns to Susan’s dad. How his stupid job turned him into an alcoholic.

At this point Susan was going to open up to Charlie about a lot of personal stuff. About how her mother got caught having an affair. Or how he was so mad that he was waving a revolver, threatening to kill himself.

This scene depicts how Susan finally decided to totally open up to Charlie about her feelings for him. At this point they are officially a couple. After their ‘session‘ they both went out their cubicles and share their first kiss.

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