On a lazy day in school, while the students were on break from classes, Murphey threw his jacket over the camera at the student’s area and stood atop one of the tables there. He had an important announcement to make. Because of the booming business which he and his partner, Charlie Bartlett were running, they were coming up with a private party at the Drive Inn Club on the weekend. All students at Western Summit High are invited, of course.

This announcement drew cheers from all students present during the announcement. Who wouldn’t want to go to a party where all the cool kids hang out? Following the announcement, there were chants of, “Charlie! Charlie!” led, of course, by no other than Murphey himself.

On the day of the party, the students were welcomed by a live rock band playing on stage at the chosen venue. Everybody was is high spirits, having the best time of their lives. Charlie was in the balcony enjoying the sight when Murphey approaches him and says the captain of the football team wants to talk to Charlie. He┬ádidn’t want to leave because he was just starting to enjoy the party. He even started dancing and egged Murphey to join him. Hesitant at first, Murphey later on joined in, although he was making the most minimal moves which you could consider as dancing. That’s a lot, considering how uptight and serious Murphey has always been.

After a while, Charlie went on to talk to Dustin, the football team captain. His predicament was that he didn’t want to pursue football in college. His interest is in the arts, painting to be exact. Dustin didn’t know how to tell his father, who is hell-bent on seeing him become a college football player and then move on to the pros later on. All he really wants is go to Paris and study painting from the masters.

Overhearing the exchange, Murphey later says to Charlie that Dustin maybe gay. Charlie came to Dustin’s defense by saying just because you have artistic ambitions doesn’t mean you’re gay. Murphey took offense of what he heard and says to Charlie, that when he was in fifth grade, he was part of a school play and did a pretty darn good job at it. Then he goes on to say that the only reason he could be jealous of Dustin is due to the fact that he could get any girl he wants, including Whitney Drummond, whom he obviously has feelings for.

Slowly but surely, Murphey is opening up about his softer side to Charlie. Which means he trusts Charlie with his secrets completely. Charlie now learns that there is a soft side to Murphey after all. And maybe he could help in that area one of these days.

Charlie then meets Susan in the balcony and they get around to talking. Susan gives Charlie a not-so-subtle hint that they need to “step into her office.”



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