Feeling terrible for what happened to Kip, Charlie decided to visit him after school one day. Since he OD’d, Kip was advised to take a few days off from school while he’s still recovering. When Charlie arrived at Kip’s house, he went straight to his room where he was playing video games in his bed. Charlie said hi and asked how Kip was doing.

He answered that he was fine, while looking up shortly from the tv. He said they had to pump his stomach, which was pretty disgusting feeling. Charlie then proceeded to sit on the bean bag near between the TV and Kip’s bed. On the other hand, Kip was quite happy that he got to play video games all day and no one got on his case.

Charlie then goes on and ask if he was still a ‘suicidal maniac‘. Kip replied that his problems did not all just go away when they pumped his stomach, so yeah, he was still pretty much the same as before. He goes on to say that it’s cool Charlie came by to wish him well, but also that there’s nothing that Charlie can say to make him feel better. He goes on to lament that no one knows he exists. The last time a girl spoke to him was in the third grade-a long time ago. He has no friends. And he’s an idiot. He was totally putting himself down.

Charlie responds by saying that Kip is missing the big picture here. He then goes on to say that the universe is a pretty big place. Which means there’s probably life on other planet, but not like life as we know it-maybe a single-cell organism or something like that.

Charlie tries to make his point and says to Kip that he could have been born on another planet as a single-cell organism. But no, here he is, born as a human being. And that alone is something to be thankful for. Charlie is trying to make Kip realize that he is indeed significant in this world. Not the worthless POS that he sees himself as. Charlie is trying really hard to make Kip think a little bit more optimistically. When he asked Kip if he felt better, he answered, not really.

After which Kip asked Charlie if he wanted to play some video games with him. charlie gladly accepted, relieved that Kip wanted to do something else other than feel depressed and all gloomy. Kip was enjoying this and they get around to talking about school. He asked if Charlie isn’t selling drugs anymore. He replied in the negative, and saying that he is looking into ┬ásome new enterprise to make some profit. Kip mentions that he has been writing a play and offered for Charlie to read it if he wants. Charlie agrees.

Charlie was impressed by what he read. He really thought the play was good and could be the next school play.

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