In the end, Charlie and Kip presented the play Kip wrote and convinced Principal Gardner to allow it. This, after a lot of convincing from the two boys, to the point where Kip had to play the slef-pity card. He said that he would consider repeating his suicide attempt if the play was not approved. So, with his arms tied behind his back, Principal Gardner allowed the play, with the supervision of the drama club, of course.

After a while, the students went on to protest the surveillance cameras. At first it was only one student, the boy who was the active leader in school. He held a sign and shouted protests at the student center alone. After some time, other students began to join him. Until such time that majority of the students were there to support his cause.

It nearly came to blows when in one of the protests gatherings, the cops were called in to disperse the students. Led by Murphey who has had enough, who decided to take matters into his own hands. He began attacking one of the cameras, and the other students followed suit. It was pandemonium after that.

Because of the incident, Principal Gardner got fired from his job. He turned to booze during this time, more than ever before. He locked himself in his study, wallowing in his sorry state of life. During the day of the school play, Charlie decided to pay the older Gardner a visit and try to convince him to come watch Susan in the play. Charlie knocked on the door, there was no answer. The door was ajar, though, so Charlie decided to come in and called out to Mr. Gardner. He went upstairs to find Mr. Gardner with a bottle of booze in one hand, and, to his surprise, a revolver in the other.

He was waving it around like a madman.  Charlie thought the older man was going to commit suicide. They have a heated argument. At one point, Charlie thought Mr. Gardner was going to shoot himself in the head. He decided to jump at the older man to try and stop him. At that point, Mr. Gardner turned and hit Charlie on the head inadvertently. This caused Charlie to spin out of control as he fell into the pool, hitting the diving board with the back of his head. Mr. Gardner jumped into the pool after Charlie to get him out of the water.

The two men decide to make up. They dried themselves, talked some more. They agree to go watch the play at school. They arrive at the school gym in the middle of the play. Just then, Susan was on the stage and started to sing. Both men watch in admiration as Susan takes the stage and impress the audience with her singing.

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