It is a question most gamers ask, “do gaming monitors really make a difference?” And the answer is pretty simple, yes gaming monitors really do make a difference. The first test to help prove this theory is going to a friend’s house who has a gaming monitor and play on it for a while, then head back to your house and use your normal monitor. Notice the difference?

The biggest difference you are going to notice is the smoother gaming experience it presents when playing fast-paced action games. So if fast-paced action games are right up your alley, then a gaming monitor is a must. People claim they have lost games due to the lagging from a normal monitor, as compared to a gaming screen. Gaming screens tend to be more expensive than regular monitor but that is because of the higher refresh rate, which is the main reason a gamer would be so interested in one.

So for the ultimate gamer, the only way to have the perfect gaming set-up is to purchase a gaming monitor, one that may be interesting to you is the 144HZ gaming monitor which can be purchased for under $300.00 from pretty much any retailer. And once you purchase the gaming monitor, the next step would be to purchase some bomb speaker so that way when you or when your friends come over, you all can emerge yourself 100% into the high-intense action game you are playing.

Right now is actually the perfect time to go and try and purchase a gaming screen because gaming screen sales on the rise, ASUS is expected to top market share in the upcoming year. If you purchase now, you may be saving yourself money then if you purchase next year or the year after because the price is just going to continue to rise on this product.

It is really a difference you need to experience for yourself. So if you have to go to a friend’s house to experience their gaming screen, or to the store itself to experience it, it is recommended before you actually decide to purchase one yourself. It may not be the most important aspect of gaming to you, so maybe you are ok with a normal monitor, but in my opinion gaming monitors are worth spending the extra cost and money because they will ensure the ultimate gaming experience for you.

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